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Just call me May ^w^
United States
Loves video/computer games, Rock/Metal/Alternative music, anything with aliens, drawing whether it be expansion or regular more innocent stuff, long walks on beaches, collecting seashells, is also a great catch, and is total Anime/Manga geek!

Current Residence: La La Land
Favourite genre of music: Any kind of Rock or Metal
Favourite style of art: Anything original
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Personal Quote: "If we don't go crazy every now and then, we'll all go crazy!"
I officially hate GNC right now.  After over 2 months of sucking up to the local store manager, and what is possibly the single longest interview of my life, I finally got to have an appointment with the regional manager who just happens to be 2 towns over.  i called her up and tried to schedule an interview date with her, because in order to get a job at GNC you need to OK'd by both the store's manager and the regional manager (wherever they may be located).  She couldn't give me an interview date during that first conversation (which makes no sense to me why she couldn't) so I waited for her to call me back.  And I waited, and waited and waited.  Finally I called her back last week and she suddenly remembered me and said no.  No explanation as to why.  Which really sucks for me cuz I was trying to get two jobs at 2 different GNC stores.

This whole ordeal had been preoccupying my time lately so this apology goes mainly out to the three people who were patiently waiting for their requests.  Y'all weren't forgotten.  In fact your pics are uploaded now.  Hope you guys like 'em.

but looking back I think not getting the job isn't a bad thing.  I hate working commissions sales like GNC but its waaaaay better than CutCo.  That place was one scam right after the other.  And it was even worse for the employees than it was for the customers too.  So maybe I did luck out.....but I'm still jobless.......Oh well :shrug: on to the next place I guess.
  • Listening to: Racing Against the Sunset-Phillip Wesley
  • Reading: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • Watching: Mythbusters
  • Playing: Sacra Terra
  • Eating: PASTA!!!
  • Drinking: H2O


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LeFrenchFox Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such a shame this nice artist disappear from one day to the next, without any warning... :[
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Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday!

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I still miss this artist.
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happy birthday... wherever you are.
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Happy birthday.
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